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Comment: CASAA and a friendly PSYOP are your best bet

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CASAA and a friendly PSYOP are your best bet

There are advocacy groups CASAA is one, though this probably justifies getting more organized. I'm willing to help you, PM me.

Step 1: Organize the troops -

Create a advocacy facebook page to get people involved and connected. Contact every e-cig shop in the state to get onboard. If you know someone who is good at social media, have them help. Use political campaign techniques to model after. Keep it at the top of everyone's mind. Start coordinating with CASAA to make sure everybody is on the same page.

Step 2: Prep the battlefield -
I'd recommend running a media campaign including press releases to all the media channels. Use some CASAA materials to get started. You may be able to get some of the epidemiologists to help the cause. More resources below. Hammer every news station in San Diego, Orange County, LA, and Northern Cal with press releases. Monday and Tuesday are slower news days typically and you have more of a chance to run your story. Orange County Register would likely be a key ally to work on.

Step 3: Unleash the troops -

Once you've gotten a reasonable massing of people, start doing protests, or friendly media campaigns in public places to get more assistance from people. Have them donate to CASAA, sign petitions, whatever. The key will be to embarrass the legislators into not doing anything. If you get enough money, hire a lobbyist.

Legislators are evil, they don't respond to reason. They respond to embarrassment and money. If you make a big enough stink, or lobby them with money, they'll go away.

Here are some more ideas for resources: