Comment: I don't have the power to condemn anyone.

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I don't have the power to condemn anyone.

I condemn aggressive ACTIONS, but that does not condemn one who uses force in defense, and it is not the same as condemning the person.
To be sure, if I could, I would probably march (unarmed) with Adam. I have had enough, and suspect if they shot a few thousand unarmed women maybe someone would finally object. Simple fact is, I can't. Even if I just gave up on my farm, sell the animals, let the garden go to weeds, I do not have the money to travel that far, and I would not be able to buy food or even pay for a campsite. It gets down to the very practical issue of money - they have been squeezing the middle class to make us too poor to fight back, and I am pretty much there.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.