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I misread your comment. I

I misread your comment. I agree with you, but I also think its not as simple as that.

Marriage isn't a religeous thing unless you choose a religeous ceremony. However the ceremony has nothing to do with the government side of the equasion. The government is involved for tax and inheritance legal purposes. I don't want them involved, but they are. I see no reason why one group of people should be prohibited from entering the same contract as another just because of sexual orientation.

Also a marriage doesn't give you "special" rights. It changes your tax structure, often reducing taxes, and dictates inheritance and custody rights so you don't have to battle the state later if your significant other dies. These aren't "special" rights. They are things that the government shouldn't have any say in anyway, and the taxes are a fraud. However im in favor of everyone protecting themself from the state in any way they can.

I think everyone should take advantage of every tax loophole they can find and work toward dismantling the system while they do it. It would be stupid not to defend your private property by any means available to you that won't land you in a state-sponsored cage.