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To me ((((((Nonna)))))))

Semite is not even relevant as far as I am concerned.

When I was living in a Jewish area of L.A., and read the Jewish papers, there was a big fight going on between the Farci (Jews from Iran mostly), the Askenazi and Sophardic. The latter two were upset that the former, the only Jews who brought money into the USA when they left Iran, were known to tear down beloved CA bungalows and build Persian Palaces/McMansions in their place, because the Farci REFUSED to make any financial contributions to anything local, nothing for the community or charities.

CA bungalow
Persian Palace AKA McMansion

They threw lavish parties and were outright hostile to the later Jews who they considered less than Jews. There were many articles about who was the most Jewish. The real estate sections had advertizing for homes in the Middle East.. BIG beautiful mansions.. sweeping staircases.. really dream homes.

My point is, even the Jews fight over this, so to me, it's irrelevant. BTW, most of the doctors ar Cedar Sinai and the Beverly Hills are Farci.

As I pointed out to you, there are many kinds of Zionists, so to say "Zionist", it's like saying going into a bar and ordering a beer.

I'll have a beer."

Well the bartender has what? 6 or more varieties on tap, and more in bottles.. the bartender understands you want a beer. But what kind?

Who knows?

Now this may be unimportant to those who who frankly don't give a damn, HATE Israel, ALL jews are crap to them. But if one actually does care, then to call someone a Zionist, they should be respectful and indicate what kind of Zionist.

Call me a ZIONIST Please. Like I give a damn.

Calling me a Zionist means to me you have NO idea what you're talking about and this is why so many like me claim that it is HATE.

And I would say that to Bishop Richard Williamson's face given the opportunity.

Furthermore, isn't it racist to even emply the term "Semite"? I think so. Judaism is thousands of years old. I know a Chinese Jew, billionair.. she is a SECULAR ZIONIST and VERY PROUD of that fact.

Wonderful, generous, and beautiful person.. all this semite/ anti-semite talk.. people like her ignor.. it's low class. Go figure.

LOVE YOU ((((((Nonna)))))))