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I think you're spot on.

I think you're spot on. Government should have nothing to do with it. As it does however, I expect gay couples care JUST about the inheritance/taxes. So long as they aren't granted some government mandate that forces unwilling judges/priests to marry them, I can't blame them.

However I think there's also a large segment of these populations who want to take it a step further and ram it down religeous people's throats. Those that do are in the wrong, but frankly, they hate you.

This entire issue is stupid. Its issues like this that keep us libertarians from completely overwhelming the system. Leftists should be joining us because of our anti-war stances, and our belief in civil liberties. But many of them don't because the view the right (including libertarians thanks to the OP) as homophobic primates who consider anyone who doesn't adhere to their bible as "abomanations" and "heritics."

I wish this issue would die a quick and permanent death, and people would simply realize that no group should recieve special treatment over another based on race, class, or sexual orientation.