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I'll try:

1) The administration, namely the State department, had ample warning and PLEAS for more security in the weeks leading up to the attack, and they did nothing.

2) There wasn't even an embassy or consulate at Benghazi, rather in Tripoli; nobody has yet to answer why the Ambassador was sent to Benghazi, an awfully dangerous place.

3) Four Americans died.

4) During the attack, help was requested OVER and OVER again, and the administration explicitly told nearby military to stand down, including a few SEALS that ignored the stand-down order and died in the ensuing firefight.

5) Since the incident, the administration has done nothing but lie and cover-up the facts, including BLATANT psychological manipulation of the public by the CIA as they revised at least 12 versions of the talking points (that we know of), all blaming the incident on a YouTube video when they knew that wasn't the case.