Comment: Well, I tell you what...

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Well, I tell you what...

I've never made things personal here, and I'm not going to right now. Idiots is a term that I happen to reserve for collectivists, and it seems that collectivism is reaching epidemic status here at the DP. The objective voice of dissent is being drowned out by shallow-thought, and frankly it scares me more than even the status quo that we supposedly are fighting to disrupt.

Back on topic.... Here's the scenario -

1) Neighbor calls cops over concern of possible domestic violence
2) Cops respond to domestic violence call (as they are supposed to do)
3) Cops knock on door and ask to talk to you
4) You REFUSE to open the door and choose to act belligerent (which, in turn, makes the cops highly suspicious)
5) Cops remain patient - but now more concerned over the possible domestic violence situation which has been inflamed by uncooperation
6) You continue to be belligerent and refuse to open the door
7) Cops warn you that they're going to break the door down (because now due to your uncooperative and belligerent attitude, they think that you have just BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR WIFE AND THAT'S WHY YOU WON'T OPEN THE FVCKING DOOR)
8) You still refuse to open the door
9) Cops are in your house

Whatever happens after that, I can't speak on. The tazer was probably uncalled for, and, if so, the cop who shot it should be punished. But, the rest of that is routine procedure for the police, and domestic violence laws will definitely back them up on at least the entry into the house on probably cause. Guaranteed.