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Comment: Marriage is a God-ordained institution...

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Marriage is a God-ordained institution...

...the state's should have stayed out of's a racket for them; lawyers, judges, psychologists, universities, social workers, police, all PROFIT off the breakdown of social order they manufacture.

Marriage; right to, woman, witnesses(Pastor/deacons)...

The Rule of Law is sufficient to deal with deviant behaviors and punishment of evildoers.

The homosexual may do his homosexual thing; but if they commit a crime against another person, or his property, or another man's CHILD while in that reprobate state of mind; they should be punished and bear the consequences ALONE...the society should not encourage it...nor should the society be given the bill...nor should they remain silent.

Separation of church and state means: the government may not interfere with the with the operation of any church, and, if the teachings of the church shape a man's moral code of conduct, then that man is free to bring that conscience into the halls of government.

If the man believes that sodomy laws ought to be put back on the books, the electorate may vote for or against it. The states have mostly said marriage is only between a man and a woman, now they're caving to political pressure by a well-funded, coordinated, single-digit minority...and so, we apply pressure given that we know the states have no intention of getting out of the marriage racket.

The gays are stupid to want to line up to enter into a state contract; especially if they're all liberatian and less government...this is why it is easy to see their agenda is about is just part of the long war against God: and they're for total chaos, rebellion, and anarchy because they're communists at heart, and their guy is in the White House.