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i get that

so the cops are so worried about violence,that the first
one who gets tazed is the WOMAN,isn't it usually the woman
the cops think got beat up? absolutely
are women usually the aggressor? not really,but they can be
an anonymous is not probable cause,they now claim is as such,just like
state claiming the victim,in all cases of domestic violence
when one will not press charges against the other( for whatever reason) the state says it has the right
and it would not have mattered if nothing happens,they force everyone to prove a negative (this is not possible to do)
and yes it is routine,we are used as animals this does not make it right (farmers cannot use tazers on animals anymore)
but cops can use them on people
just because it is done that way,does not make it right,it is still wrong
cops have zero authority over a corporation such as stores ect ect
but they can claim authority over a private residence,how can this be? you know if the people are the ones tapped to employ them cops through taxes?
them cops were not concerned about anyones safety(save for their own)
this is telling in the way they handled this case,but this is routine(and it is still wrong
i have had cps called on me before(had no kids at home,but because they got some random call (from one we had problems with) we had to prove we did nothing (this time is was easy to do (no kids at home)
so yes it is routine and it is uncalled for,as it violates the right of the people (the ones who pay out for their protection)
but they are not getting protected anymore,the supreme court ruled cops have no right to protect the citizens (it is not their job)
so if their jobs are not to protect and serve the ones who pay them,then just what is their role?
could their role be to serve the corp under which they reside?
i say it is,and this is the reason why they lie in court,the reason they lie at stops and the reason they create more and more statutes,ordinances, and codes
and we are all guilty of each and every one of them
does this sound like a Representative form of government to you?
so i will ask you again where,how or why does a badge make one over or have more authority over another?
who gave them that authority? if indeed we are that said government?
did we create all manner of color of law to stifle each and every one of us?
when did they become lawmakers? as they are not
governments can no create laws that go against the will of the people
if crime is down then why are all cops shops donning military hardware to engage the public that they lie and say they serve?

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