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you should READ what I wrote:

...your few cases are RARE, and can be dealt with on a case-by-case're on this path of "there can be no God because bad things happen in the world" trend.

I've had cancer already, should I blame Monsanto or God? Should I complain that God is some cosmic killjoy, or incompetent?

Get wisdom, understanding, and knowledge; desire those MORE than precious metals...and understand "in Adam's fall, we sinned all"! Things are waxing worse and worse. Nobody said following Christ would be a pleasant walk through a pretty prairie. Situations like those medical anomalies weigh HEAVY on all those involved, the.Gosnell trial changed one reporter's opinion on abortion.

Evidence of the destructive power of sin is all around us, and so is evidence that there is a Creator that sees it all and knows it all who is able to help any burdened sinner cope with any situation no matter how heavy, confusing, or overwhelming. How we react to situations gives testimony to whether or not we desire to accept His truth, His account of human history, and His offer for reconciliation and restoration unto blessings we cannot fathom.

It's just stupid to take a position so clearly against common sense, riding a popular political tidalwave, rather than investigating if His claims are TRUE.