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Comment: They don't. They hate the government

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They don't. They hate the government

Palestinian government has laws like the Palestinian land law. YOU MAY NEVER SELL YOUR LAND (of course they sell the land to settlers who have not done their homework, the Palestinian who sold the land, then goes to his government ans says he didn't sell the land he KNOWS it is illegal.. I believe if Palestine did not have Palestian Land Laws, there would be NO Palestine because Israel is where people can drink, smoke, dance, get tattoos.. you don't have to Pray to Allah.. you can wear a bikini, none of this can you do in Palestine..

Of people here actually did their homework, they would discover that 10% of the IDF is Palestinian.. We are SO LIED to here in the USA. Censorship is huge.. The globalists do not want us to be Israel, they want us to be Palestine, where a camel is worth more than 100 men.