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do you see any comments from

do you see any comments from me in any of them posts? I created this post because time has gone on, and I want to fully look through what this guy is standing for, saying hes for, and actually doing or not. I think you are trying to hijack this legitimate post meant to provoke thought, and different views, but I dont even care if thats your goal. those that want to participate, will, those that have ideas, opposing views will post them respectively, myself and others will reply, and its then a conversation about a possible candidate.

Thats how Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams and the rest of those men that started this country years ago did it, so why is starting a conversation about it wrong?

So you are saying you only want those that are fully on board the RAND train, 3 yrs in advance to post, and the rest are trying to divide?

wow ok then. but it seems you and others are trying to make this something its not. If I lived close to everyone, and we held a meeting to discuss Rand, and you stood up and said we dont want anyone questioning our great leader, wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of it all?

just my opinion

For Liberty!!!