Comment: what you say might be true

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what you say might be true

but it will not be anyone against the fed gov
it will between people,the average citizen will take up arms
against each other,and while this goes on the ones who really caused this whole mess will slip away
this is why we are told to live in fear of just about everything,most buy into this nonsense
this is why patriot groups have been vilified.this is the reason why obama told them college kids not to listen to them voices
this is the reason for all the false flags we have witnessed here
info has gotten out about fed involvement in all manner ill
will towards others,this will be blamed on average people,and we will be pitted against our neighbors,friends and family
we are told by fema is you see something,say something
this is the reason why cops are armed to the teeth with mil hardware
remember they do not fight their battles,we are the beasts of burden,chattle ans pawns
the ones in charge do not fight their own wars,they lie cheat and steal to get others to do it for them,and this tactic has served them well

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence