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I agree with what you are saying thedrizzle

Maybe they don't realize that even though I feed the homeless out of a Church, much of the food comes from a food bank that is subsidized by the federal and state govenment? The homeless are heavily subsidized by the government because too many people can't afford or don't care to contribute (and corporateions did not).. but our government employees contribute to every charity and event.

Maybe they don't realize that in this welfare state we've become, government jobs in many areas like mine, are the only jobs that actually pay rent, and put food on the table for families?

Maybe they don't realize that many government employees don't agree with the government 100% and that is OK in our government?

Maybe they don't know that many government employees, are absolutely doing their best for the community, and I feel VERY blessed and fortunate.

Stand tall thedrizzle, there are more like me who appreciate the fact that you are serving us to the best of your ability, than those who are chastizing you for their own failures.