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it will between people,the

it will between people,the average citizen will take up arms against each other

I understand your point that those who actually 'hold office' won't be the ones fighting, those empty suits would never lead the charge, but the war won't be between the people per se unless it's about protecting one's family against the roving hoardes. I doubt there are as many democrats/hard left armed as well as patriots. The war will be against those wanting fidelity/restoration to the founding principles and documents who will fight the hardest because they actually have something to fight for. Those seeking the nanny state will do what they do best, sit back and let nanny fumble around.
The milpols (militarized police) aren't 'average citizens' because they suck off the people's tax teet. And look at all the cowards on the DC Traitors' side - you honestly think TSA agents have any heart? Most bullies are really cowards, and those guys are hiding behind their uniform in the false belief it represents authority. As far as I know - it ain't bullet-proof.
As for the actual military, I'm sorry to say I think that may be split. That may be for them to actually sort out amongst themselves - those who take their oath seriously may just have to pop those who are traitors.
You talk about the DC Traitors propaganda, but you don't take into account what we've seen in the ME. Look what they did to Saddam, Kaddafi - the search for them was relentless and outcome not pretty. Push comes to shove, the hunt will be just as dedicated.
Also, if all those traitors do run away, how much easier would it be for the people to take back DC? Once in charge, we can hunt them down just like they did for the Nazis.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison