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Thanks For The Advice, BUT

I have in home care and respite. The problem is that I have been robbed by at least one of the people that do it. There is a constant parade of new people coming and going because they only get paid nine bucks per hour to show up and care for dad. The VA pays 15 but the help only makes nine of that and most of the women that come are flakes. No offense to the honest ones. They all have issues and I never know who I am giving free reign of the house to. I fear going off to do my shopping etc and leaving the house open to total strangers. One even ripped off a 1500.00 saxophone of my daughter's but I don't know which one so I can't sue the company that the help worked for.. Please be careful who you let into your house in the name of relief! I have also had other things of value stolen. Not just the sax. BEWARE. Anyway, I appreciate you responding Nonna, I had heard from Fishy that you were a caregiver. I hope you don't experience the problems I have had. My dad is an ass pure and simple. He has nurses from the VA come every two weeks, neighbors, and relatives around ALL the time as well as in home care and still is a spoiled demanding over grown baby. I am told that I treat him too good and should put him in a home so that I and my spouse can have a life. We are not spring chicks ourselves and people say we should be enjoying OUR golden years but I can't bring myself to do that. Please feel free to vent to me anytime you might feel the need. I am almost sorry I vented on DP because I feel like a wimp but I am glad it brought other caregivers to the surface. We NEED to have companionship.