Comment: Yep! I started as a freshman

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Yep! I started as a freshman

Yep! I started as a freshman in college weighing in at a whopping 135 lbs at 6'0! Talk about a rail! It took me four years, but I'm finally at a weight I'm comfortable at (193).

I'm of the opinion that creatine and protein are the only supplements that are worthwhile in the long run, but getting both naturally is (of course) better. Remember, red meat is a good source of creatine (and protein, obviously). Eat it the days before your workout and I swear you'll feel stronger in the gym. A lot of the creatine powders sold just give unnecessary bloat and aren't absorbed properly.

My favorite veggies are potatoes/sweet potatoes and green peas (peas are a surprisingly good source of protein).

I'm happy to see that the ganja has worked for you as well!

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