Comment: Yes, I can believe this number.

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Yes, I can believe this number.

Yes, I can believe this number. You sound a bit innocent with the fantabulous potential of socialism (no offense... just teasing ;)

These are 1999 figures about another socialist country, smaller than ObaMARX-Land (aka the "USA") :

(note: and that's NOT including any type of govt contractors)

Let's see... some trivial math, shall we?

2.3 millions public "servants" for 60 millions total inhabitants ~ 4 % of total population... that is, when applied to the USA (as it is being geared to, anyway) :

4 % out of 315 millions... 12 millions of a potential public servants "pool" (again: NOT counting any federal govt contractors, yet).

See? That makes for a fair margin yet to explore!

Doesn't it?

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