Comment: Wake me Up inside!

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Wake me Up inside!

After his 'I support Romney' announcment, i was done with him, and told him so; as I did to this blog.
Sometimes, the seed falls far from the tree.
It's difficult to understand how this peckerwood has come to the place that he flips and flops on every 'popular' issue, like stating that he is all for using drones and opening fire on citizens without due process... and at the same time does his grandstanding 'Filibuster' regarding the use of drones...

It is good that you are awakening.
For you:

He rode his father's coattails, and the groundswell of the True Support catupolted him into a Senate seat. Somewhere in the in-between, he was bought by the establishment RNC.
Call them what you will, but they are truly the enemies of the States.
Rand is now simply a minion.
He has a conscience, but their sway and control OWNS him.