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Regarding drones...

it was horrendously misinterpreted how Rand ended that discussion.

I remember him clearly saying that Obama "intends" not to use drones. And Rand deeply criticized that Obama only "intends" to not use drones, however, he still might use them! Rand said this over and over.

Rand was only okay with drone use in an active gun fight or a clearly emergent situation. Not for surveillance purposes.

I hear ya. I acknowledge that I am placing a certain amount of trust in Rand Paul. But from his actions I've described earlier I can say that he's earned my trust. But to each his own. I have nothing against people holding Rand accountable. In terms of being a realist, I just like to remind critics that he HAS done more good than others out there in the liberty movement.

We'll all keep an eye on Rand and see if gets better or worse.