Comment: "bombs did blow off a Boston man's legs"

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"bombs did blow off a Boston man's legs"

OK. Please explain to me how he did not bleed to death, it is a medical miracle. I am not denying it happened, but I was an EMT and I was taught that a person with ONE severed femoral artery is likely to die before EMTs get to the scene. This man had two, and he lay on the ground for several minutes untreated, then they put him in a wheelchair, which puts the injury BELOW the heart, which is just bad injury care and yet he still did not bleed out. I am glad he is OK, but I am very curious why he survived.
I have had the chance to chat with a handful of medical professionals now, and none of them can answer my question. Since you are so confident in your position, perhaps you can explain it to me?

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: