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One thing about the DP community I've learned is

that when they find out that a member is in need, they are there for that person. It has been my experience that DPers are the kindest, most caring, generous, and best people on the face of the earth.

You shouldn't feel badly about having vented here. People do care. I think I will do that post for caregivers (unless you want to). It would be a good place for us and others to give and receive advice, as well as to a place for us to just vent. Anyone who has been in that position knows how great the need to vent gets at times.

The VA contracts out to a nursing agency for home health aides and nurses. We've had a couple of winners here, that's for sure. I got on the phone immediately and reported the problems we encountered to the agency. Now, we have a great lady coming to the house. It took a while but, being a squeaky wheel in these circumstances, does get results. The thing the agencies care about the most is lawsuits. If you don't get honest help, contact the VA and let them know. Here, in my State, the VA, WITHOUT NOTICE TO ANYONE, dropped one of the agencies they used when they discovered Medicare fraud.

It's worth a shot, anyway. You have nothing to lose by contacting someone about the problems.

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