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Comment: This is my hang up with the

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This is my hang up with the

This is my hang up with the march. I think nonviolent, civil disobedience, of unconstitutional laws are a good political tool. HOWEVER, there is a line you must draw. DC has ridiculous penalties for this stuff. It's a felony. You will be arrested. You won't be going to jail, you'll be going to prison. If the whole country had DC gun laws/penalties, then it'd be different.

There's other cities and states that this could be much more efficient in. As it stands now, do you think MSM and TPTB will really give those guys the coverage? Heck no. Obamas already got the orders out, I'm sure, to blackout te media, and throw these gun activists in prison.

Why not organize something huge in Texas? While you wouldn't be breaking a law, which I understand the point of civil disobedience, it would have the chance of being huge enough to garner attention. Ill tell you right now though, this march won't even be a blip on MSM.