Comment: I really hope and want all

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I really hope and want all

I really hope and want all these scandals to be genuine and to take down Obama but something seems fishy about all this like it might be part of a bigger agenda. We have known for years that the gov is keeping track of our electronic communications, that we have been pulling covert ops with blowback in 3rd world countries and the IRS has been screwing people over. Why is the MSN suddenly jumping on and pushing this now?

It is too targeted to simply be a cover for Syria etc, as they usually use random crazy events to paper over the news cycle. I honestly dont know what is up but I did hear a theory a while back that is interesting.

Someone suggested that 911 was supposed to be leaked as an inside job to plant the seed in the minds of Americans. Down the road, scandals will hit the White House that will expand until the point there is a widespread investigation by some UN agency in which they "uncover" the 911 truth etc which will cause chaos among the American people demanding someone to fix things. At that point, the US gov is considered a criminal entity thus forcing the UN to step in and keep things stable. Once this happens they can lead it into creating the North American Union.

It may be far fetched but its some speculation I have been pondering lately.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.