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Comment: wow, these people are coming out of the woodwork EVERY-

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wow, these people are coming out of the woodwork EVERY-


I identify with them, because as a Christian I feel that guilt, too--about what other Christians and my own ancestors have done (to native Americans, black slaves, etc.)--

and just . . . even the stupid Crusades--

I feel that guilt, so when that man spoke my heart responded--

so I guess I'm a self-hating Christian--LOL!

But I understand this phenomenon, the idea of healing and cleansing and repenting--

I understand it well--

it makes me feel good to know that other people from other religions are speaking out against it.

I have many other Christians (in my congregation) with whom I canNOT talk about these things--

they are profound neo-conservatives and very pro-Israel--

Israel can do no wrong, and, in their minds, Muslims are evil--

this kind of thinking is so scary, and . . . well, I guess I've found an ideological 'home' with Jews who question themselves--

when he talked about how Christ was killed because of the things He said, I felt moved to tears--

I know he is not the only Jew who gets this, but I wonder how many of my fellow Christians would crucify Jesus today--

many, I fear.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--