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One of my raised beds are

4'x14'x10". I divided it into thirds. Into those went 9 squash, 9 Iraqi Eggplant, and 9 Artichoke. Thus far the squash and eggplant are fine and producing. I removed 4 Artichoke and will remove 3 more for they grow much larger than I had anticipated (4-6' in diameter). Read up on all that you plant and see what(how much) area they need for maximum performance. I think you may be planting a little much for your bed.

My business partner planted a 4x8x8" raised bed with which I provided 4 tomatoes and two bell pepper plants. He states that the tomato plants are crowding out the peppers. I imagine this to be true for the tomatoes I plant tend to bush out to about 4'. I expect to get between 15-20 pounds per plant like last year.


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