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Comment: Land : Heart of the Conflict .

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Land : Heart of the Conflict .

Banksters, Zionists, ancient Usurers are in a hurry to convert their magical, fake, paper or digital 'money' into real assets, the most coveted one, i.e. land, specially the blessed land of Olives. These demons have been banned from buying land - in many countries - over centuries (read history of europe). Often they were kicked out, it takes longer time to recognize the damage the usurers do. The wiser folks acted as guardians of communities, & knew that the money-minting usurers will end up buying the whole Earth, then they will reach for the moon & stars. This was the law in Czar's Russia, and the Turkish Sultan of the Ottomans. The zionist manage to infiltrate and toppled both of them in the last century.

1) Palestinian land laws[1] are laws which relate to ownership of land under the Palestinian Authority (PA). These laws prohibit Palestinians from selling Palestinian territory lands to "any man or judicial body [corporation] of Israeli citizenship living in Israel or acting on its behalf.

2) Israel has always confiscated land from Arabs and dispossessed them of their property. The land always goes from Arabs to the Jews. Can a Palestinian resident of Nablus or Hebron buy land in Israel?

3) Land: The Heart of the Conflict Between Palestine and Israel -