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I've been wondering about it

I've been wondering about it all too. Ron Paul said that bonking people on the head with truth doesn't work. Maybe it took something closer to home for them to start understanding what is happening. I used to work in television and the last thing reporters and journalists want is for someone to dictate every story they go after. When the justice dept went after all those AP reporters' personal information (regardless of party), that said a lot about this administration. I suspect there has been a lot of intimidation and threats towards some members of the press for questioning this administration (similar to what LBJ and Nixon did). We've also seen several members of the press who died or family members died, with no real explanations. Not saying somebody was responsible but it was enough to rattle some members of the press I'm sure. But when they found out this administration went after the AP reporters and targeted specific groups by the IRS all in one week, I think just maybe they are starting to "get it". If that's the case, it might also explain why they are fighting back. I would suspect there will be possibly several more scandals in the works over the next few weeks if they are working en masse to stop the administration from attacking them. And I suspect the media will win because all they have to do is expose wrongdoing and change public opinion. If the administration was trying to keep the press on "their side", taking their phone numbers and recording personal phone calls (regardless of work or personal) was a bad, bad move. I'm sure these people have families and don't want them to be at risk in any way. And to top it all off, it has now been exposed by Pro Publica that the personal information collected by the IRS was exposed to them in that scandal. Who is to say that the personal info from the AP reporters won't be given to nefarious people as well? People are waking up! We're hitting critical mass! Time to go post some more Ron Paul quotes on FB because more people will understand now!