Comment: I too watched this speech live on C-SPAN

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I too watched this speech live on C-SPAN

the night he was in Iowa. Was pleasantly surprised to see him featured on the "Road to the White House 2016" evening showing after a painfully boring and effortless speech by Bobby Jindhal.

Why is this not featured?

Rand had the crowd on fire and he's a really funny guy. Being down to Earth has served him well in conveying his message.

The next day, I was highly disappointed that there was no news of this speech on the front page of the Daily Paul (what the heck is this site for again?!?). That Rand Paul can give such a great speech in the first of the nation primary state and all we have is crickets on this site about it (oh wait, we did have people who never watched the speech posting articles about a quote that those of us who watched it never heard regardless of what he meant by it).

I forgot, tearing people down is our business. Not always seeking the truth.

This was made worse by this egregious quote taken from I read it on Info Wars first and wondered when he made that comment during his speech. I also noted the sensationalized title that took the quote cited in the article, out of context. Is this deliberate by writer Kurt Nimmo?

Source material or it didn't happen. This is basic criteria for critical thinking. We even have people posting responses like the one below this one that lack the knowledge of how burden of proof works! Sorry my fellow DP bloggers but even you sometimes fall for lazy mentality of reading headlines instead of getting facts and sources. I'm tired of the hearsay from our msm or sometimes independent media outlets.

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