Comment: No, I think they are coming

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No, I think they are coming

No, I think they are coming out because the administration targeted the AP. When they blanket attacked 100 AP reporters, it didn't matter what party affiliation they were. Work and personal calls, phone numbers, and home numbers were taken. These people have families too. Those who have questioned Obama in the past probably experienced some kind of intimidation. This would allow the news to become one-sided. But when they targeted all the reporters, they crossed the line. I believe this is all coming out because they are pushing back. They probably had a lot of these stories already and were afraid to say anything. I believe this is pushback for crossing the line. I used to work in media and they don't like someone to control every aspect of what they report. And when they involve whistleblowers, people in Congress willing to talk to the media, the reporters themselves and possibly their families,....that crosses the line. And between the AP story and the fact that the IRS admitted going after conservative groups and that the CIA and administration (et al) were lying to cover what happened in Benghazi, it all paints a "pretty" picture of what this administration will do at any cost. Can you imagine if Obama and Holder continued to assert authority to drone strike American citizens here at home? The press probably is waking up now. We're at critical mass!