Comment: Wild speculation and sensationalism

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Wild speculation and sensationalism

Mike Adams did not expose anything. This is speculation based on speculation based on speculation mixed with pseudoscience.

Mike Adams has demonstrated time and time again to have an extremely poor grasp on biomedical science. He uses scientific terms and makes accusations that sound plausible to the layman, but all he is doing is taking scientific journals and twisting them around to fit his "natural" narrative. He cites scientific research, only he twists around the results and conclusions so that he gives his own conflicting interpretation. The problem with this is that the scientists are basing their conclusions on the scientific method, evidence, and years training, and Mike Adams is basing his interpretation on his imagination, alternative medicine textbooks, and the natural fallacy.

Inevitably I will be called a shill because "I have been brainwashed by the medical establishment," like every time I comment in these threads.

The BRCA mutation is not a lie. It is not a conspiracy. It is one of the most documented and understood neoplastic pathologies. Prophylactic mastectomy has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of developing cancer.

If human beings lived long enough and did not die of infection or other systemic diseases such as heart failure, every single one of us would die of cancer. It is inevitable. There is no magic diet, there is no magic alternative medicine protocol. It is a matter of genes, environmental factors, and chance. The mutation of certain genes, especially those like BRCA which code for DNA protecting proteins, predictably increase the risk.

I do not agree with patents, especially on disease genes, but to accuse physicians and the medical establishment of a massive conspiracy and to risk the lives of Jolie and other women to protect the patent is quite ridiculous. Where is the evidence? Saying Jolie's picture on Time magazine is suspicious is not evidence.

Mike Adams presents a fairy tale, and I encourage everyone to use extreme caution when reading any of his work. Everything I have ever read by him was filled with fear-mongering, pseudoscience, and logical fallacies. He has made cartoons in which he gloats that he is destined to live longer than those evil allopathic practitioners. Unfortunately for him he seems to have gotten a combination of genes that causes diabetes type II. Diabetes type II is a disease that can be controlled with careful dieting (something in which alternative medicine and mainstream medicine agree on) but he is still at risk for long-term complications, and much of it is out of his control.