Comment: The recent dust-up...

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The recent dust-up...

...between DP factions over particular posts and members and mods is unsettling to me, as I'm sure it is to all of us. Not to insert myself into a squabble, but I wonder -- is there a middle way, a compromise that would be a path to reconciliation? I see fair points on both sides of the coin: the owner and mods have a right to present a respectable, well-maintained site in the manner they feel best represents the message and material they would like to emphasize, and I don't think they have some perverse pleasure in banning people and removing posts. On the other hand, I understand the impulse of presenting the Liberty movement as unafraid to question any topic or challenge any orthodoxy or presupposition, no matter how controversial.

Going back to the private house analogy we see so often here, maybe a way to think of it is that you don't necessarily want everything that goes on within the rooms of the house on full display for anyone coming up the sidewalk onto the front porch and crossing the threshold. Perhaps some conversations are best had in the privacy of an inner room than being shouted out the front door and heralded with banners over it. In other words, is there a way to tactfully approach more disturbing, controversial topics and theories without them being stamped out altogether? Maybe this would mean moving such posts into a place not visible from the front page but accessible to those within to hash out their ideas without them being deleted?

As an example, I'll pick on one of my own favorite topics: theology. Do we really want verbal debates between theists and atheists being something that is front and center in headlines on the front page? I certainly don't want such discussions banned or hidden in some obscure place no one will ever go, and I wouldn't want comments on front-page posts being sanitized of anything theologically related; but certainly we don't want banners with 'Christianity is antithetical to Liberty' or 'Atheism is antithetical to Liberty', etc. strung over the threshold to welcome all visitors with, do we?

Maybe what I'm thinking is all nonsense, and too lukewarm of an approach to find favor with anyone. Just throwing it out there. Any thoughts/counter-suggestions?