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I thought you know the cure to cancer?!

Now I'm confused. I thought Simoncini and Burzynski and a bunch of other rogue scientists have all found the cure for cancer? I mean every one of them proposes a different "mechanism," if you can even call it that, from sodium bicarbonate to proper diet to antineoplastins to drinking bleach, but don't all of them work as long as they aren't advocated by mainstream, evidence-based medicine?

Don't get me wrong, I do think the FDA and NIH and other regulatory agencies abuse the system and waste tax money on nonsense, and I openly call for their abolition. I distrust the medical establishment, as many other medical professionals do. But my criticism of the "medical establishment," which shouldn't even be considered cohesive to begin with, is rooted in politics.

Government has too much control over the medical industry, but this does not nullify science. Government has way too much control over space travel, but does this mean that space science is a bunch of bullshit? Are astronauts just brainwashed shills of the government? Are the engineers and scientists just part of a massive conspiracy to suppress things like time travel?

I mean come on man, distrusting the government is one thing, but accepting the premise that there is a massive, coordinated conspiracy to suppress the cure for cancer is just ridiculous.