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People obviously know about GMOs

People obviously know about GMOs. Proposition 37 was nearly passed into law (47% voted for it). I'm not advocating for scrubbing; in fact, I'm asserting that government should NOT be interfering in private matters. You're advocating for more government.

No one is saying not to "bring it to the public's attention." I'm simply saying not to use government mandate as the vehicle. Go write an editorial. Make a webpage or a youtube video about how you hate GMOs. But don't ask government to do it for you.

I agree, you have a right to know what's in your food. Go ask a food provider if their product contains GMOs. If they don't provide a satisfactory response, go find other food. Go to a farmers market, health food store, or grow your own. Heck, come see me - I'll give you some non GMO stuff from the garden.

I'm not denying you anything. You're the aggressor asking government to interfere with private matters.

Besides, as I noted earlier, many of your points are either moot (or flat-out incorrect) because the market is already labeling WITHOUT government mandate.

Seriously, your argument is the same as the gun-grabbers. They want to be safe, free from gun violence. And they want government to step in to ensure their safety over the rights of others that want to freely posses firearms.