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Medical miracles used to strengthen belief in God

I follow your posts and I respect your knowledge of all things conspiracy. I believe a lot of what you say, but this stuff about Bauman is ridiculous. If it was all fake injuries and fake blood than why hasnt a Boston nurse or doctor stood up and screamed BS??? Was he not taken to the hospital? Did I not see pictures of him being placed in an ambulance? How did he set himself up in a crowd of people? Why are there no pictures of an amputee with a make-up bag before the bombing? I can keep going....

As for the drill, you're right on. That's an important question as well as how much Government agencies might have been involved. Then there's the outright lawlessness of the lockdown and the unprovoked shooting at a 'suspect'.

My main point with all of this is that there are many many many better ways you can spend your time focusing on conspiracies that doesn't discredit all of us and make you look insane. Even if you're right about all of this and I'm mistaken, you'll still never convince anyone. I'm pretty open minded but I wouldn't buy this fake injury actor crap if you paid me to. Basically I'm trying to tell you that you're wasting your time and we're all beating the brains out of a decaying horse.

Please fishy, stick to the believable stuff that wakes people up and stay away from the repulsive stuff that turns against you.

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