Comment: The PapelBull " Rarum Novarum "

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The PapelBull " Rarum Novarum "

Penned by Pope Leo XIII in 1890 is the very basis for the Huminist agenda of human rights. It contains a long list of so called human rights, over 50, that touch upon almost every aspect of life.
It is the " cornerstone " of the UN agenda21, secular humanistic social justice and wealth redistribution.
A bing search will only reveal a synopsis of the full document, an overview that has been carefully worded to give the appearance of being anti-Socialistic. One must do a specific search on the list of human rights, rearm Novarum to get a return on it. This begs the question why would google/ bing agree to endeavor to hide the body but show the synopsis from a general search?

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