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I don't know if

Angelina fell for the "87% chance" lie (which percentage is WRONG anyway), or if as hypothesized, she's "in on it"...but I do know that what "that home-wrecking weirdo" does or doesn't do will in no way influence any decisions I may make. And before others get on my case, I no longer like Brad Pitt, either. The honorable thing to do would have been that he tell Jennifer Aniston he no longer loved her, leave her, THEN start dating Jolie. That is not what happened.

Anyway, Jolie, when with Billy Bob Thorton, used to wear vials of blood tied around her upper arms--so did he....therefore, I don't really respect nor give credence to much of anything she thinks, feels, says, does...

Others are, of course, free to think otherwise!

And no matter what some court may say, my genes are my own!

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