Comment: I thought the same at first, too

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I thought the same at first, too

I initially thought that the only threads being 403'd were of the "staged actors/fake bombs/limbs/blood" variety, but more and more often even threads that have nothing to do with Boston at all are being 403'd simply because of who happened to post them.

Like Skippy d said, even a thread suggesting that fishyculture be made a mod was 403'd, and it had almost 30 upvotes when I saw it (403'd by the time I logged in to comment).

I get why the Boston thing may have hit close to home for Michael-- I'm a native Bostonian myself, but I don't recall him saying (at least not to my knowledge) that he wanted certain people to be targeted, which is what this is starting to look like from my perspective.

If the mods were really so focused on banning hoaxes and debunked theories, then why not 403 the stupid reptilian threads or the "miracle" cures? Those threads stay, while threads that merely ask a question or praise another member gets deleted (a member who openly criticized the recent 'leadership' around here, nonetheless).

Seems inconsistent, to say the least.

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