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Buildings are made so that

Buildings are made so that the weight is distributed across the steel columns right?

If one or two fail then the rest of the columns take on additional normal stress as well as a new shear stress. Weakened by fire, is it not plausible that they may have failed?

Once the columns fail, the debris above will fall upon the supports of the next floor and the next and the next. The time taken to crush each subsequent floor would probably reduce as the inelastic collisions above will keep increasing the mass of the falling debris resulting in near free fall speed with any resistance overcome in milliseconds.

I did watch Loose Change and bought it completely, but controlled demolitions have a series of explosions with a very distinct sound and they were absent at the WTCs.

You will see some videos which say there is AN explosion in the background, but any signal processing guy will tell you that with frequency filtering you can make anything sound like anything.

If I slow down my dog's bark and filter out the higher frequencies, even that will sound like the rumble of an explosion.

Tell me if you find this plausible and we can discuss the next point.

PS: I'm glad you find the Arabs planning this believable. A lot of people seem to think Islamic terrorists are some kind of primitive outfit with sticks and bows as weapons.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They are VERY sophisticated in their gear and training and their intelligence and meticulous planning has kept them dangerous despite their lack of numbers. Make no mistake, they may literally have been living in caves but the metaphor does not stand up to scrutiny.