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Thank You! Jon Has Threatened to Ban Me

If I don't tow the line. WHAT LINE? Now he is telling me he's sorry. No way I am buying that crap. He told me to shut up or get out. You decide what to make of that. Has anyone here ever heard me do or say ANYTHING that deserves being banned? Jon is on a power trip or perhaps Jon isn't even Jon. Whatever, there is something terribly wrong here and I have gotten caught up in it through no wish of my own. I am simply trying to keep things honest. What is this hateful opposition to Fishyculture? I love her posts and find them quite fruitful so what gives with the animosity to her and anyone that likes her posts? I had several threads deleted other than that for no reason as well that weren't about Boston. Why exactly is Boston so taboo anyway? I find it weird that Obama on mars is okay but boston isn't. Is it just me?