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"It is the Government's responsibility to secure and protect the people's right to know what they are ingesting as it is directly related to health and the right to life itself."

I find this statement so offensive to libertarian ideals that it's tough to respond. It's YOUR job to know what you're eating, not government's. You don't need government to protect you from yourself.

THE GOVERNMENT IS THE PEOPLE! The problem we have today is the government represents corporations, not human beings...corporations are not people, human beings or spiritual beings living a human experience. We are trying to petition the government for a redress of grievance, that being poisonous and reckless modification of our LIFE-CODES being upheld as legitimate marketing at is infringing on MY right to choose what I put in my body, because they are HIDING IT AND MAINTAINING ITS EFFICACY WITHOUT CLINICAL TRIALS CONDUCTED ON HUMAN BEINGS! ANIMALS ARE DYING AND ILL BECAUSE OF GMO-FED DIETS...DO RESEARCH!!!

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