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Comment: I am not deeply sorry, but I do appologize

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I am not deeply sorry, but I do appologize

I did not mean to attack you specifically, You seem like a nice chap.

I just have a hard time understanding the support for Rand. That isn't anyone's fault but my own. Some say I have far too pessimistic outlook, but I don't see it that way. I read something last night that sort of answered my questions.

We want different things that is all. Rand supporters want to believe a good group of politicians will change things for the better. Want is the key word here. I don't necessarily say that if Rand was elected it wouldn't be a little better. But if he wins there is a great chance that almost any push the liberty movement has going will be swallowed up. People will say Phathead, man, no need to worry about all that now, Rand won. I hear that happened with Raygun and the ideas of liberty got conflated with big Gov Republicanism.

I do not want someone who isn't a radical to seems to be an empty victory. I do not want someone who represents more liberty in charge during a down turn in the economy and I don't see how the affordable care act doesn't cripple the economy or how the fed can possible keep another bubble from popping in the next 6 years (again the blame will squarely be laid on liberty and the free market). I really want the political system to completely fail. Some folks think that would be god awful mad max teotwawki. I think it may be the most beautiful thing on earth, sure not easy, but life with out credible politicians and bureaucrats looked at more as clowns can't be all bad.

We want something different that is all. You want a heroic politician to fix things. I want politicians to be shown for the chumps that they are and the people to realize they aren't needed in a civilized society.