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I don't think they leaked it.

I think it was fabricated. FBI is being questioned more and more everyday about this Boston fiasco.

Even on tonight's CNN Erin Burnett show, SHE was doubting the story.

This story is being laughed at all over. Even from people who are dead sure he did it, they are finding it hard to believe he wrote his manifesto with his Sharpie while laying in there bleeding and in pain.

There was no backpack found in the boat. No gun, but he carries his trusty Sharpie everywhere he goes?

Funny how they all of a sudden come out with this story 3 or 4 days after a few newspapers started questioning the details of his "confession" and the boy's lucidity while he was under the influence of pain meds and morphine.

FBI is trying to cover their butts. This isn't the first story that has changed during all of this when people start asking too many good questions.