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You make asumptions the farmer has a choice

Monsatan has crammed this GMO crap right down the farmers throat whether he likes it or not. Now Congress has passed the Monsatan protection Act so they can not be sued. If I where to plant non-gmo crops Monsatan can demand samples from my bins to see whether the wind or birds crossed pollinated my crops with theirs. If so they can sue and force me into bankruptcy.

Monsatan is the Government they own all Congressmen and Senators, except a very few. They get their own people appointed to the EPA and FDA top positions.

If you think Monsatan can be trusted then you need to do a little research on what Monsatan did to the people at Anniston Alabama. Even the Judge was pissed at Monsatan. Monsatan will poison you, your family, your neighborhood for a few dollars.

With the Monsanto Protection Act they can poison you and not be held liable in any way. They have had experiments with the human gene in corn in over 100 undisclosed locations throughout the US in 2012.

Here is all the truth laid out for you in a video called "The World According To Monsanto":

Monsatan is the devil reincarnated!

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe