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Comment: I have a theory

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I have a theory

That unbeknowest to Michael, astroturfers, moles, and wannabe cyber spies are slowly befriending him in order to gain his trust. Over the years, an inner circle of friends might have developed inconspicuously made to appear organically.

Like a cyber version of Donnie Brasco, except the betrayal is about psychological persusasion as it relates to technology and the philosophical revolution that the dailypaul once did a better job expressing.

The suspect list is long, but no hard to imagine, given the obvious way to become friends with an online stranger is to first flatter them, and then make a personal contact with them. Paying subscribers, people who donate their skills, people who applied to be a mod, etc... Or, how about people who gush at everything Michael posts llke it was spoken from the Dhali Lama, himself? Well that's just annoying.