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Nicely said

AJ gets Rand, and I don't see how more people don't get it. Rand is just trying to be a "normal" person, in the best sense, and to be civilized. He is trying to treat other people he disagrees with as real people. So then it creates a civilized, friendly type of discussion. It's best to have peaceful dialogue. Rand is smooth. He's smart too. He's a high quality person. Man, if the rest of us could get over the bickering of "Rand said this" and "Rand said that". And let's try to realize that he's the best guy we've got. And he's super badass.

I bet libertarians have been dreaming about having a candidate or politician for years who has "all the right stuff". So then maybe libertarianism could have some traction and influence. And that hasn't really happened since libertarianism hasn't really been that influential in the past several decades. Well, now is finally that chance. The time has come for real stuff to happen. Rand Paul has many strengths of character that are so valuable and perfect for this situation. It's time to get of our own way and win!

I am Ron Paul