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What most don't realize on this labeling issue

Is that Monsanto has wrote all the rules for labeling. They have all their own people appointed to top positions in the FDA. Monsanto alone has made the decision that GMO's are safe. When scientist questioned this they where fired! To this day there is no research that verifies GMO's are safe. There is plenty of research that verifies GMO's are not safe, by other countries.

I can see some of the points about not forcing labeling laws, but the Government and Monsanto make sure no voluntary labeling can take place either.

The reason for no labeling is that they say there is no difference between GMO and non-GMO crops. This is a big lie, GMO are deficient of the minerals and vitamins the non-GMO crops have. So if your eating this GMO food your body will keep telling you to eat more to get the same vitamins of non-GMO's. So this could be part of the problem to overweight people in America? I wonder why other countries don't have the same obesity problem? Could it be GMO's are outlawed there?

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