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You always do this

Whenever someone holds an opinion that you don't like, you accuse them of being disinfo agents (with no supporting evidence) and start in with the "be a man" crap.

Like PatriotsUnderGod, you do nothing but throw around labels and accusations whenever someone disagrees with you. He accuses people of being atheists and persecutors, and you accuse them of being government agents and paid trolls.

It's really too bad, because both of you guys have interesting things to say, but being paranoid and hostile is only going to drive people away. I never saw Tom Woods, Ron Paul or even Adam Kokesh act like that towards those with a different point of view. Gee, I wonder why?

To save the emotional reactionaries on this site some trouble, I'll start by downvoting myself! grrrr feels good man

And yes, I too am a government agent. My name is John Trolldin and I work for DERPA.

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