Comment: obombya is NO hitler...

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obombya is NO hitler...

He is a puppet. He is a spokespuppet, an orator monkey and parrot cut from EXACTLY the same cloth as bush and clinton before him.

You are damn skippy the global elitists OWN him!

He is nothing. A figurehead. Our Country has failed. It now falls to the brave citizens and soldiers of Liberty, the defenders of our Constitution, to win back our freedoms.

The question of "if" has passed. These globalists have already seen to that with their destruction of our values, our manufacturing base, and our freedoms. The question now becomes "when".

Everyday more Americans in our country awaken. More service members, more police, more young people come to understand that something is VERY wrong. Every day that we survive and uncover these false flags is a day closer to freedom.

Live free or die.

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