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Power to Purchase

I don't know why this is such a big mystery to those anti-anti-anti-conspiracy theorists, or whatever name can cover up just plain ignorance.

If a Central Bank exists, and someone, or some group, in that Legal Fiction doubles the money supply, such as the case of The Federal Reserve System of Extortion and Fraud doing so in 2008, then that group of people, in that Legal Fiction, have as much "Money" as everyone else combined.

Take every dollar on any Legal Account of "Dollars" (Federal Reserve Units of Legal Money) and double that number of all those Units of Legal Purchasing Power at will, without any Legal Accountability.

Who doubled the money supply of The World Reserve Currency?

A machine did it?

The Gun did it?

The Government did it?

A Private Corporation did it?

Are fools born every day?

Every person having any Legal World Reserve Currency Units under their control, in their accounts, anywhere on the planet, is added to the Total Money Supply of that World Reserve Currency Supply.

What is that Total number?

Double it.

Who wrote that check in 2008?

Give me a name.

Ben Bernanke?

If so, if that is the responsible individual who has the POWER to write a check for as much money as everyone else in the World combined, then what did that individual write that check for, what is that individual going to buy with as much Power to Purchase as everyone else combined, and why is that individual doubling the money supply yet again, and yet again?

How much does it cost to buy a World War?

Oh, Joe, you stupid conspiracy theorist, we all know that Wars just happen like rain, acts of random human error, we are all bad you know, Joe, and by the way, if you have not yet heard, war is good for the economy, so shut up and get back to work.

No wonder liars are in such great demand.